Songs for Life, Love and Planet Earth describes the mission and vision of Celestial Blue Music & Publishing, an independent venture owned and operated by Kari J. A native New Mexican who has been composing and performing her own songs for over 25 years, Kari left a successful career as a professional civil engineer so that she could dedicate the time and effort needed to bring her music to the world. She started Celestial Blue Music & Publishing June 1, 2013 and is a long-time writer and publisher member of ASCAP. She writes songs on piano, guitar and ukelele.

Her influences include Van Morrison, Jackson Browne, Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Enya, Iron & Wine, and more. Her music is a combination of folk-rock, pop and old-style country with a dash of island music. She has been compared to Kate Bush, Dar Williams, and Ani Difranco.  

Kari's personal passions include wilderness, liberty, and respecting planet Earth and all its creatures. She hopes her songs will inspire people to consider our inherent connection to nature and the universe. Her songs have been called "Full of Poetic Lyrics," and a "vision of the natural world full of beauty and stories."

You can buy the latest Celestial Blue Music release on Bandcamp and join her Community there, or support her music creation on Patreon and get access to every song released, plus behind-the-scenes videos and blogs and rewards for your patronage.

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