Songs for Life, Love and Planet Earth Celestial Blue Music is an independent venture based in New Mexico, the brain child of Kari J., who stands for the trees, the wilderness, the wildlife, a culture in which we respect the natural world and understand that we are an integral part in it, not separate. Everything is connected. The songs insist we view nature in terms of exploration (not exploitation) and remind us that only in nature are our minds truly satiated and our spirits nourished. Sound has power, the cosmos are singing, music is a tool of communication that connects us all in a universal language and empowers us to be our higher selves.

Musical influences include Van Morrison, Jackson Browne, Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Enya, Iron & Wine, and more. Her music is written on guitar, piano, ukulele, with a quirky variety of hand percussion, resulting in a fusion of folk-rock-pop-classic country with a dash of island music. She has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Dar Williams and Liz Longley. Her songs have been called "Full of Poetic Lyrics," and a "vision of the natural world full of beauty and stories."

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